why INSINK 4-1


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  • Wash as you work without filling the sink*
  • No searching for sharp objects under soapy water
  • No draining your sink to replace dirty water
  • Pre-wash dishes .. saving time & water
  • Dirty water .. simply dump, rinse and refill
  • ​Easily removed to clean other areas in the kitchen


collander, rinse, food prep, smoothies, strain, Kaddy, easy use, clean, vegan, condo, tinyliving

  • Use as a colander or storage of utensils, sponges, etc​.
  • Venting holes provide drainage and airflow to help items dry minimizing bacterial growth
  • Use with the Katcher to rinse, drain or contain food scraps  
  • ​Easily removed from the suction bar 


Food prep, food scraps, cutting board, sink, composting, condo, apartment, Katcher, Kaddy

  • A simple funnel directs food or scraps
  • Scraps are contained, sinks stay clean
  • Makes better use of your cutting board
  • Invert to make a stand for the Kup or Kaddy
  • Easy removal for dumping scraps  


storage, sink, safety, cross contamination,  condo, apartment, tinyliving, dish rack, Kaddy, Kup

  • Keep hands safe as knives and sharp utensils always remain visible
  • Store items to address cross contamination concerns
  • Reduce your skins exposure to soapy water
  • Products are dishwasher safe, made from FDA approved plastic, BPA free, 100% recyclable and made in Canada

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Designed for sinks 6.5" or 16.5cm in depth

Designed for smooth sinks 6.5" or 16.5cm in depth
NOT work with Silgranit or pebbled sinks



Designed for smooth sinks 6.5" or 16.5cm in depth
NOT work with Silgranit or pebbled sinks

Do more with less

Do you Kup, Kaddy or Katcher .... see why you should.    
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Great for the home, condo, vacation property       and the RV 

*Designed for smooth sinks that are at least 6 1/2 inches  (16.5 cm) in depth.