My Story

As a stay at home dad for the past 16 years, I have a greater appreciation for how much work it is to
run a household. Because I do the daily chores, I've asked myself; 

  • Can I improve on something that's part of my everyday?
  • Why are my dishes having a bath in the sink? 
  • How much water and soap am I wasting? 
  • How can I work smarter, faster and free up space? 

After reviewing research on best practices, I still couldn’t find a solution in-store or on-line. So, I started experimenting with new concepts and created prototypes that were functional ​but not very attractive. We then incorporated some great design features that allowed the products to multi-task and made the products inviting and easy to use. 

Finally I arrived at three products: Katcher + Kaddy + Kup that simplifies kitchen workflow and helps me work smarter in the kitchen. Allowing me to save: time, water, soap and improve safety.

Recognizing that we all don’t have to be ardent environmentalists to make a difference, we all can contribute a little to help save our natural resources and feel good about it.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy our products.