My Story

As a stay at home dad, I have a greater appreciation for how much work it is to
run a household. Because I do the daily chores, I've asked myself; 

  • Can I improve on something that's part of my everyday?
  • Why are my dishes having a bath in the sink? 
  • How much water, soap & time am I wasting? 
  • How can I work smarter, faster and be more efficient? 

When I  couldn’t find a solution in-store or on-line, I started experimenting with new concepts and created prototypes. We then incorporated some great design features that allowed the products to multi-task and nest .... doing more with less.

Katcher + Kaddy + Kup simplifies kitchen workflow and helps me work smarter in the kitchen. Saving me time, water, soap and improving safety.

Recognizing that we all don’t have to be ardent environmentalists to make a difference, we all can contribute a little to help save our natural resources and feel good about it.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy our products.