Water Savings

Using the traditional way of washing dishes I would fill my sink (see diagram above) with 12 litres (3 gallons) of soapy water to wash 4 place settings using a brush. Using the Kup, I now use 750ml (approx. 4 cups) of soapy water for washing. 

One weeks water savings is the same as filling your average car 3.7 times a week if you have a 60 litre (16 gallon) tank. If water was as expensive as gas, we'd think twice about how much water we waste!

We all can contribute a little everyday to help conserve our natural resources and feel good about it.

Water and energy savings are dependant on your sink size, washing style, water and energy costs in your area.

What If I Have A Dishwasher?

Use the Kup to pre-wash heavily soiled dishes and run the short cycle saving you time and money. Pre-washing also keeps food scraps from stinking up the dishwasher or clogging the drain.

You will always have soapy water available for washing up at anytime, not just after your meal.