Use & Care

Before initial use, wash each product with warm soapy water. INSINK products are dishwasher-safe and made from FDA approved polypropylene. Clean and dry the wall of your sink where the suction bar will be attached too. This will ensure a good seal and limited slippage.

​Please remove the suction bar after each use, as it will prolong the life of the suction bar. Remember to remove the foot from the bottom of the Kup & Kaddy and give it a good cleaning as well. This will reduce food build up and bacteria from growing in this area.

If the suction bar is sliding down moisture or dirt may have gotten behind the suction bar. Simply remove the suction bar, clean and dry the suction area as well as the side of the sink where the suction bar will be affixed. Re-apply the suction bar to the desired location. Please note that some slippage may occur due to the slope/angle of the bottom of your sink.

Keep products away from heat sources as plastic will melt. Care should be taken when hot water is placed in the Kup or Kaddy as it may cause burns. Staining may occur if certain spices, berries or tomato products come into contact for longer periods of time. The Kup and Kaddy can be nested for storage.

The Katcher + Kaddy + Kup are made from FDA approved polypropylene, are BPA free and should be recycled where available. The suction bar are also BPA free and can be recycled.